How often do you think about the way that you think?

Manjit Devgun

Manjit is a leading mind coach of Sikh Punjabi descent. Growing up singing kirtan and practicing meditation, Manjit learned the discipline of self-awareness and mind-body connection.
For the last 5 years she has found that her clients have benefited from a more personalized and integrated approach in breaking through negative patterns and manifesting goals.

Manjit has channeled these learnings into her unique coaching method of integrative self-hypnosis, breathwork, energy healing and mindfulness techniques. This practice can be individually tailored to clients as a 12 week program and has been introduced to CEO’s and corporations including Chanel, The New York Times, Gates Ventures and Squarespace.

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When we upgrade our minds, we upgrade our lives.

Our subconscious limiting beliefs are holding us back from achieving our goals. Most of us are not aware of the patterns that we have accumulated over the years. When we are children, especially before the age of seven, our minds are like sponges and we form core beliefs from our societal and cultural influences.

These beliefs are held in our subconscious mind and through the practice of self-hypnosis we can adapt these beliefs and manifest the life we envision. With self-hypnosis, Manjit has helped clients:

Release stress
Let go of fear
Conquer anxiety
Reclaim sexual power
Recognize self-worth
Repattern bad habits
Expand self-expression
Cultivate self-acceptance
Heal from loss
Unblock creativity
Gain mental clarity
Relieve insomnia
Discover purpose
Harness mind-body connection
Access peak performance
Relieve Pain
Strengthen immune function
Manifest abundance

Change your thoughts to change your life.

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Break Past Limit Beliefs

Hypnosis allows us to go deeper into our self healing by looking what what limiting beliefs are holding us back from being our authentic self. From alleviating anxiety, invoking confidence, healing allergies, phobias, smoking cessation, nail-biting or losing weight to manifesting the life you want, Manjit uses energy healing and breathwork as well as hypnosis for a more impactful and integrated session.
Science has shown that self-hypnosis is more effective than CBT and regular talk-therapy by re-patterning unwanted thought patterns in the subconscious mind. In this session you will focus on creating new neural pathways in the brain and creating long-term change through self -reflection and deep trance work.


Breath is life

Our breath is the most under-utilized way to manage stress and anxiety and also serves us to reveal trauma that maybe stored in the body as pain or stagnant energy. Whether you wish to invoke a daily calming breathwork practice, Pranayama breathwork with breath holds (Bandhas and kundalini energy work) or release trauma and heal the inner child with a more intensive shamanic breathwork session, Manjit will tailor the session according to your specific needs.


It’s called a Meditation “practice” for a reason

Based on your current life events, Manjit will coach you through the best meditation technique for you as an individual. This will either be a breath, mantra or guided visualization and include a simple breathwork technique to deepen your mind-body connection and help you ease into a more focused and supported practice.
Show up with more kindness and compassion for yourself and the world around you and integrate the most effective ways to use mindfulness throughout the day as well as learning a practice that supports your lifestyle. Additional mini private sessions of 20 mins are also available to book after the initial session to support you on your journey.

Palm Reading

The Blue Print for the Soul

This is a deep dive into the blueprint map of your life etched as lines, mounds, and shapes represented by the hands. The reading will reveal which energy centers would benefit from alignment, what times in your life you have the most success and career growth, childhood trauma and life events which may still be affecting your soul and career path and what we are meant to overcome and learn as individuals in this lifetime. Manjit can also use this information to record a personal tailored recording for you to listen to.
For virtual sessions the following is required; Take 6 pictures of your hands in HDR quality if possible. Two of the front, two of the back and then the edges of each side along the pinky finger - kindly do not cut off any edge. Upon session confirmation, email these photos with full name and appointment details to

Personal Tailored Recording

Re-pattern your thoughts to change your behavior

After an initial palm analysis session to provide an overview of your life destiny and a short interview questionnaire, Manjit will spend 2 hours writing and recording specifically for your needs a unique session which includes meditation, hypnosis and breathwork. This is mixed to specific music in the key of the main energy center that requires attention - In total this session is 33 mins in length.
This will help unblock limiting beliefs and help you recognize your full potential of what you wish to manifest by listening to it everyday for 8 weeks - a technique known as self directed neuro-plasticity with future pacing.

Sekhem Energy with Sound Healing Session

Quantum Healing is the Wave of the Future.

This relaxing and calming session encompasses Egyptian lineage energy healing with sound vibration, prayer and 432htz music will help clear blocks, invoke inner healing, improve health and help balance the body. Includes guided visualization meditation to teach the client self-healing. You will leave feeling more aligned and with a feeling of clarity and renewed energy.

12 Week “Raise Your Vibration” Coaching

Change your thoughts to change your life 1:1 Session offerings.

Using meditation, self-hypnosis and life coaching techniques, Manjit offers an 12 week spiritual coaching plan to specifically eliminate blocks, raise your vibration so you can show up as the best version of yourself. This course is tailored specifically for you and is a great way to jump start you to being more organized, present and happier in your life with a weekly session and accountability check in every week. The initial two hour session includes the recorded personal guided meditation, learning how to meditate in silence, breath work, self observation, goal setting inner healing and overall life analysis. The follow up every week is a 30 min check in or 60 min session to allow you to keep peeling away the layers and implementing the work on a deeper level. If you want to improve your energy, work past your limiting beliefs, improve your outlook on life and achieve your goals with no excuses.

My whole life has been very skeptical about anything that’s spiritual. I have also been known as a negative and pessimistic person, because I only believe in cold hard facts and that my glass was always half empty. That was until I met Manjit. She introduced me to the world of meditation and self awareness. Knowing how stubborn I am, she was very kind and patient with me. She designed a personal 12 week spiritual counseling and wellness program for me and every week she introduced me to another step to help raise my self esteem and understand myself from a different point of view. I learnt to be more aware in the moment and even control my anxiety. Within the first few days I started feeling the positive difference and everyone around me noticed it as well. Every day I meditated, stretched my body, I made healthy food choices, I spent more time in nature. Thanks to Manjit, this was an eye opening experience. I enjoyed every minute of it and still use her recommended techniques to this day. I highly recommend Manjit to anyone who is looking to feel better and more aware within themselves

Erman Ozada NY

Having my very own personal and magical meditation has transformed the way I think and go about my daily pursuits. I've found it to be a powerful and beautiful way of becoming a more positive, loving and fulfilled person. My drive and ambition has gone from zero to hero! Lol! I am now unstoppable just like Wonder Woman! And just as cute!

Doris Pearson, Singer/Songwriter, London UK

We’ve never received so much positive feedback following a member event! We are absolutely thrilled with the manifesting workshop with self-hypnosis and feeling very refreshed for the weekend!

Lauren R, Membership Manager

Manjit’s session was an authentic and educated experience. She’s highly knowledgeable and in tune with her abilities. I’ve met many that claim to do what Manjit genuinely does.

Sam E, Senior Manager

Manjit has an amazing gift and talent for hand reading. I’m glad I reached out to her. She helped me understand things about myself that I couldn’t see before and she taught me how to meditate

Liz G, California

I had the profound experience of a Sekhem energy healing session with Manjit Devgun. I found her to be professional, confident and gentle in her ability. The atmosphere was conducive to healing and she explained what I was to expect during and after our session. It was magical!!! I felt lifted, lighter and clearer! I look forward to seeing Manjit again for another session

Tamara Samilenko, NY

I am thankful! Manjit has recorded two meditations for me. One was a private session after reading my hands and the other was in a group 8 week “Raise your vibration” course she created for me and my colleagues for the Chanel staff in NY. From Manjit’s teachings I’ve been realizing small unique things that have come to fruition. I believe because of Manjit’s teachings, I am able to speak to the Universe better than I have before. I will continue to listen and be guided by her meditations

Judith Aird, NYC

From the moment I listened to my first personal meditation, my energy and outlook has forever changed. My sleep has never been better, my focus is clear and my anxious energy is visibly decreasing. I am grateful for this personal journey and for this amazing meditation to have entered my life when it did. Can't thank Manjit enough on sharing her gift and blessing with me

Arlene Soto, NY

I didn't realize how profound the session and personal meditation was going to be until I began listening to Manjit’s soothing voice and wise words. Her meditation allowed me to temper my fears and gain confidence and strength to move forward in love and light.

Rita Nakouzi, 4pt5, Brooklyn NY

NYC for most of us means wearing a tough skin 24/7. It can be brutal and hard to most of us which is why a much needed vacation is often needed from everyday city life. But sometimes even going away will cause you to still have the same doubts about your life. I experienced breath work and meditation for the first time in my life with Manjit and found it was a better solution to having a clear peaceful mind without escaping and interfering with my life here in NY.

DJ Erick lapeau, NY

I've been using guided meditations for over 30 years but Manjits' custom meditation has been a total life-changer for me. I love that it is perfectly tailored to the specific improvements I was going after

Scotty Kurtilla, OHIO

I am blessed to have Manjit in my life. One glimpse into my palm allowed her to see who I am and what I am working on to achieve. My meditations with Manjit are calming, empowering, healing and insightful. Golden!!!

Mark Casertano, Chanel NY

Manjits soothing voice is beautiful, calming and serene. Listening to it has made me more aware, positive, inspired and attuned. I love it! Thank you!

Julie Knauss, Costa Rica

Manjit has made me aware of the power of vibration and music and how I am able to heal myself everyday without conventional meditation of sitting down in silence for 20 minutes everyday which wasn't working for me. I love that I have so many choices that I wasn't aware of before.

Cassandra Lewis, Los Angeles

Manjit guides top brands and CEOs as a mind coach using visualization, breathwork and self-hypnosis techniques.

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Meet your corporate mind coach.

Manjit Devgun
Co-Founder | Mind Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

For the last 5 years, Manjit has guided top brands and CEOs as a mind coach using visualization meditation, breathwork and self hypnosis techniques. Manjit’s integrative approach to self-hypnosis provides clients with the tools to gain control over subconscious habits and manifest an evolved future. The word Manjit itself means 'Conqueror of the Mind.'

Corporate bookings are available as individual sessions or include programs such as the 12 week Mindful meditation practice, the 12 week Inner journey or Self-healing Program (includes gentle QiGong movements). Workshops (45/60/90 mins) include Balancing the energy centers and Manifesting goals using visualization techniques.

Corporate Bookings

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My passion is to create awareness about self observation as a tool for positive change.